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The Fine Principals of Detox

Below we will talk about the main principles, stages and options for the optimal treatment of those who are addicted to drugs. It is necessary to emphasize the main therapeutic measures, in particular:

  • detoxification ;
  • getting rid of breaking;
  • potential recovery;
  • therapy against relapse;
  • full-fledged rehabilitation .

How is drug treatment treated?

It is not easy to cure drug addiction, as it should be understood that a person needs help from narrowly specialized specialists, which implies a set of therapeutic measures and techniques that are optimal for eradicating the pathological attraction to narcotic compounds. Naturally, therapy is carried out in a variety of conditions, time periods and forms. Since unbridled craving for drugs is considered a chronic disorder, in which there can be relapses, in order to achieve a long-awaited victory over addiction, it will not be enough one-time or short-term therapy. A full-fledged treatment will be protracted, it provides for many medical interventions, and also stable monitoring by the doctor. If you go by this program then surely you will be having the smartest deals there.

  • It’s a pity, but most of the modern methods for the treatment of drug addiction and substance abuse now do not have the optimal pathogenetic orientation, so they are oriented towards the therapy of specific manifestations of the drug addiction syndrome.
  • Even if we weigh the clinical experience and many experiments, it is still difficult to say that it is really possible to single out a clear methodology for treating people who depend on forbidden compounds from such diversity.
  • This, initially, is associated with a lack of knowledge about the pathogenetic nature of drug dependence, it is, to a large extent, due to some not always noticeable functional problems in the work of the central nervous system.

Is it real to recover from drug addiction? The answer is definitely positive! But the process will not be easy due to the fact that drug addiction is considered a chronic disease in which patients cannot simply abandon the abuse of surfactants and recover within a few days. In order to permanently forget about addiction, not to take drugs anymore, and to restore an optimal way of life, in most cases, long, periodically repeated therapeutic efforts will be needed, both for doctors and patients. Plus this should adhere to a number of principles, stages, recommended therapy methods for drug addicts.

Features of conventional therapy

Due to the fact that each type of drug addiction has certain characteristics, manifests itself clinically, then develops, overgrows with symptoms, then the treatment of each potential patient is calculated for personal specificity. Everything is related to the type of drug, the experience of its reception, the dosage of abuse, the presence of parallel diseases and mental disorders. Of course, without looking at the specifics and type of narcological disease, in modern treatment there are general principles of therapy for dependent people, which doctors should guide when they provide narcological assistance to a suffering person.


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